How To Improvise Murder

Next to internationally popular formats, German improv audiences are obsessed with Crime Stories. Sure, Germans are a little crazy about detectives, but improvising an exciting criminal case creates tension and suspense wherever you perform it, especially when the players and the audience are both asking themselves: whodunnit?

In this course you will learn a simple proven format for a full-length murder mystery. Along the way you will create compelling relationships, learn how to motivate characters (for murder or anything really), use zoom to your advantage and connect the dots in complex narrative long-form. Add a new form to your tool belt, while sharpening plenty of others.

Next course (6 dates): starting Feb 13 2021

About the teacher:

Nick is a trained drama instructor and has been teaching improv regularly for over 7 years. He couldn’t quite decide who invented improv so he studied at the Loose Moose Theater, iO Chicago, across European festivals, in Bielefeld and Bochum. This makes his approach to improv almost interdisciplinary and forces him to keep experimenting with new approaches and formats.